Mercedes: Past, Present and Future

There are some brands that are strongly linked to an idea of car, shared by everyone. Let’s think about Lamborghini, Mclaren, and Rolls Royce. Mercedes is not among these. It can not be, it has too much history and too much variety in the models. Yes, even Rolls Royce is old, but has always done the same cars. Rather than the Cullinan, it was the Wraith, the Dawn, or the old Camargue, to deviate from the typical lines of the brand, but not even that much: it was clear that they were RR. The Goodwood brand is a monolith in the history of the automobile. Mercedes is not. And they invented the car. But aside from the most trivial characteristics that we can think -quality, excellence, high performance- it is very difficult to identify the Mercedes soul among the thousand facets of a Brand that is stronger than ever.

If everyone thought of their favorite Mercedes, we would have dozens of different cars in our mind, and the first would be different according to the interviewed. We think of the 540k Spezial Roadster. Someone will say theS class – and which of the many? – or the G class, someone the 300SL or the C111, someone the 450 SEL and still others the B class.

In our attempt to find the true essence of Mercedes, we will examine for each segment the most representative cars in the history of the brand and every Friday we will release an excerpt. We will think of sports cars and off-road cars, luxury cars and Supercars, to citycar and Hypercars that have made the automotive History.

The appointment is therefore for next Friday, with the big off-road vehicles of the Stella, from the G4 to the last G-wagen




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